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29 NOV
Story Art India

Our Sacred Space

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07 DEC
Raghu Dixit & Band

PBEL City Grounds

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team Hydourite

Creating positivity by spreading the spirit of Hyderabad through its events - is the motive of Hydourite.

A city breathes the life of its people! Hyderabad is a very unique city. There is a spirit of openness that gives Hyderabad its distinct identity, culture, cuisine and an enviable way of life. These characteristics of Hyderabad have permeated across generations to become a part of the Hyderabadi Tehzeeb. Hydourite celebrates this spirit of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad and its people are a true representation of each other - lively, warm, hospitable, friendly and keen to enjoy life at its own pace. Hydourite celebrates this very spirit of Hyderabad, by providing opportunities to come together in the form of events, exhibitions, shows and a host of other activities.

Hydourite - 'Our Hyderabad, Our Favourite' - INDIA’S LONGEST PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL!

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